Thursday, March 20, 2008

School craft.

And this is why our unit on marine biology kept getting classified under *Art*. Some very clever people put this craft project on~line & as you can see it actually comes up very nicely indeed. The shape of the coral is cut out of cardboard & torn pieces of tissue paper are glued to the back to give the illusion of living coral. Taped in a window with the sun behind it looks quite real & Ditz had heaps of fun making these. Each coral we did does have a little tag saying what it is, where it can be found & at what depth etc but we had to at least pretend we were doing science, right?

This is the Great Wall of China watchtower Ditz made, having discarded the instructions as pretty useless, which they were. It came up ok in the end but was the butt of lots of jokes thanks to an internet add out here which has an internet clueless father telling his son the Great Wall was built to keep rabbits out of China!!! Yes, well we have a rabbit plague & they built fences across the desert to try & keep them under control so it's actually quite a clever add. Just the same you will notice there are no rabbits around Ditz's watchtower. I am just waiting on one of the boys getting clever & deciding this would be greatly improved by the addition of a rabbit or two. lol.


molytail said...

oh the coral idea is very pretty! Why on earth should it matter if a child prefers to do artistic things to show what she's learning? She was still learning about the coral! :-)

Neat looking wall! Ha, I've never seen this ad that you speak of, but now I'm picturing hordes of rabbits attempting to get over the wall. *grin*

MamaOlive said...

Very nice artwork, er, science project. :)