Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Music.

I own the world's weirdest child, I swear. Music dictation...they've done 2/4 time, 3/4 time, & 4/4 time; the easy ones & Ditz has flubbed them all. Goodness knows where her brain goes; I'm not game to ask & I can see Alison shaking her head there are sooo many mistakes. This week they do 6/8 (one of the hard ones) & Ditz doesn't put a note wrong!!! And she was the only one to get the 6/8 completely right. Alison was shocked. I was sniggering into my paperback. Like, 'Welcome to my World!' Yep, Ditz has done this forever. Like most visual/spatial learners she's a whole picture learner, never sequential, & the hard stuff is what she finds easy. The easy stuff I suspect spaces her out. She just gets bored & takes a little mental vacation. It throws people. It threw Alison tonight.

It's the same with the hand movements. There is a hand movement to go with each note of a scale ~ absolutely brilliant in my book but Ditz is completely unco~ordinated at this level (like her mama) & flounders round with her hands all over the place. It does not matter; she can hit the right note without the hand movements.

I get it, I truely do. I either get something in one blinding flash or you're wasting your time trying to instruct me, but try explaining that to a sequential thinker. They can't grasp how you can arrive at D correctly if you have missed steps A,B, & C. Wht bother with A,B & C if you've got D? And this is why my child doesn't show her working in math, draws beautifully, & happily wallows in musical terms that no~one has ever bothered to actually explain to her. On the other hand teaching her is a teacher's nightmare.


molytail said...

I have no idea what all the 4/4 time and stuff is (Can you tell I've never taken any music lessons?) but I'm amused nonetheless because I...haha, I guess because I "get the big picture" here. LOL

Mrs. Darling said...

I hear ya. You never know what they know. Its like they slip up and let you in on it once in a while! It never ceases to boggle my mind!

Brendan said...

I'm a professional musician and have made a successful career of it for thirty years. But I simply can't play 'Jigs' - I can't find the rythmn or relate to Scottish/Irish Jigs and Reels. I think maybe some of us have what appears to be almost preset 'rythmns' and timings in us and trying others is problematic.


Ganeida said...

Brendan, what a fascinating thought! My Ditz doesn't have a good sense of rythmn at all; counting anything is hard for her, but just the same she does very well with her music; better than lots her age. Nice to know she can still succed even with a rythmic handicap:).