Saturday, March 1, 2008

Boys of a certain age...

I used to think my children were very practical. I'm changing my mind. Boys of a certain age seem to be particularly brainless. Not bad, brainless.
Dino has known for over 6 months he was doing his course this year. OK, I can handle him leaving his application till the last minute; that's what last minutes are for but no income? He is applying for a grant but all his paperwork has gone missing & he has no clue what he has done with it. We are slowly taking the house apart in an effort to find it. Meanwhile Dino is scrabbling together a little income crabbing on his days off. Enough to get him to college & back home again. He has to come home so he can eat. He arrived on Friday morning & proceeded to eat the weeks supply of food! As he had told me he wouldn't be home I hadn't budgeted for his appetite. Ditz is threatening to hide the noodles. I haven't the heart to tell her she is far too late & they're all gone. Liddy has a game Tuesday night so I will pick up some more then & with luck they will last till Dino's next appearance. Oh, & pray we find his paperwork soon!

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Mrs. Darling said...

It truly is amazing how mich food boys can eat isnt it? Man I do hope you find his paperwork soon!