Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dork's Saturday.

I am a dork. I mean really, what was I thinking?

For the first time in a month Ditz & I managed a soccer game ~ one wherein we played rather than merely watched Liddy play. As hardly anyone turned up we played a 6~a~side game. I should have walked off then & there. For starters both Liddy & Dino were also playing ~ on the other side! Oops! Secondly, all the good players were on their side & thirdly we had Ditz in goal. What were we thinking?

Both Liddy & Dino can run rings around me. Come to think of it everyone can run rings around me except Ditz. So there I was hurtling up the sideline after a stray ball & serious exercise is not my thing at all so I always take the shortcut if it's offered. In this instance the shortcut was to backheel the ball before it crossed the line. At least that was the idea. What I actually did was step right on the ball. This was not a good idea. I am not a seal & my sense of balance is not that good. I went down like a pack of cards with Liddy giggling like a maniac as she helped me up again. Ooh, ah, ouch! Why do I do these things to myself. Oh, yeah, right; I'm a dork.


molytail said...

hahahahaha *grin* ...I'm not laughing AT ya, but the image and the way you describe it... heeeheeee. ;-)

I've never been good at any particular sport - I know most of the rules to most of the basics, but I just kinda suck at them! LOL

PJ said...

What fun!! And I'm sure the kids loved it! (I just popped over from Dispan Dribble)

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh ouch! I used to be good at ping pong and volley ball but now im not good at any sports!

PS. Is pingpong a sport?

Ganeida said...

Moly, it was hysterical.It cracked everyone up.

Welcome PJ.

And, yes,Mrs D, ping pong is a sport ~ an olympic sport what's more. I imagine we will be seeing quite a lot of it at the Beijng(sp?) olympics.

Heidi said...

I'm sorry that you got hurt, but good for you for going out there and giving it a go!!

MamaOlive said...

Three thoughts:

I reckon your children love you for playing with them.

Falling down hurts more as you age, doesn't it?

That was funny. :-P

Ganeida said...

Thankyou Heidi.

MamaO, why is it it hurts more as we age? (Hey, do you remember Professor Sumner Miller & his Why is it so? show?)

MamaOlive said...

I don't think I've seen that show.

Why? hmmm. Well, initially it's just getting farther from the ground. After that I don't know, just that bones do get more brittle and such. In your case there isn't much padding either, but then you're in pretty good shape...
I'm glad you aren't damaged.