Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Parcel Has Landed.

Way back last year I started chatting on~line to Molytail (she posts here sometimes lol) & we both have homeschooling daughters the same age & as mothers do we said how nice it would be if the girls could have an international pen friend so we dutifully exchanged addresses & Ditz sent of a pretty postcard from Springbrook that had very little on it besides her address. And we waited...& waited...& waited. I know this is a busy homeschool family & the internationl post is unreliable at the best of times & round Christmas is not the best of times.

Then I had a very embarrassed e~mail (sorry Moly, I can't tell the story without adding in this bit) to say mum had forgotten to mail daughter's letter but it was now on its way. I figured roughly 10 days ~ give or take a few. (Yes, that's right, we waited...& waited.) We'd pretty much forgotten all about it then yesterday a parcel arrived for Ditz. Parcels for Ditz are a wonderment for the whole family so we clustered round saying intelligent things like, 'Who's that from? Where's it from? Are there any stamps on it? While Ditz beamed from ear to ear. (I'm sorry there are no pictures to go with this; the camera needs new batteries.)

'Christmas is still going!' exclaimed Ditz as she pulled out a swag of items & four cards! We are just stunned by your bridge. We have nowhere near as much water to negotiate & people are quibbling about the cost. Ditz says the lighthouse was in the Anne movies. She was soooo thrilled & carried her smiling sunflower on it's very long bright green stalk to ch0ir with her. (And she wore one of the blue bands in her ponytail.)

The parcel has landed!


molytail said...

We're so glad that it made it!! - and I'd have to check back and see what day we mailed it off, but it's been a bit for sure... it had a long ol' way to travel! :-)

And yep. Not the first time that I've done that very thing, thought I'd sent something off when I hadn't..I'm kinda known for being a bit of a disorganized scatterbrain. ;-)

That bridge - heh, you know how I feel about it, I think LOL ...

(hope that link doesn't cut off) That's the website for the bridge - or "the link" as many call it..

Is she an Anne fan then? Later on when the tourist season gets underway here (we get swarmed) there will be TONNES of places with all sorts of Anne stuff - books, pins, badges, shirts, mugs, ornaments, magnets, posters, hats with red braids, you name it & it comes with Anne on it. We can send something Anne-ish winging it's way down under if she's fond of her! :-)

Cindy is very happy that it made it there and that Ditz likes it!


molytail said...

ah good, the link is intact :-)

MamaOlive said...

Wow! at the bridge.
I used to be an "Anne" fan, and dreamed of one day visiting PEI. (I never could stand the movies.) But now I see a lot of negative spiritual stuff in it (though less in the Anne books than in LMM's other books) and I'm not sure I want by children reading it.

molytail said...

mamaolive - I have to admit, the Anne series is the only books by LMM that I've read, and it's been years since I touched any but the very first, but I'm curious what you mean by that (if you want to elaborate - if not, that's totally fine too)...I'm curious now! :-)

You guys can have our bridge LOL I can't stand that big monster and miss the old boats that used to be there. There's still some at the other end of the island, but they run May-Nov'ish only (no icebreakers down there) and they go to Nova Scotia - which is fine if that's where you're going (and we usually are) but not much good if you're headed for New Brunswick.

Ganeida said...

Negative spiritual stuff? Enlightenment please. I have problems with Rilla ~ all that pro war stuff (dodging mama's tomatoes here)& the old 'for king & empire' thinking.

Ditz isn't so much of an Anne fan but Liddy liked the tv series. What Ditz likes is fantasy but I am NOT opening that particular can of worms.

MamaOlive said...

I didn't mean to start something, and I'm not taking the bait on the war comment because I know where you are coming from. :-)

um, Anne of Green Gables had the whole chapter on Anne and ... the friend (it's been awhile for me too) making up all the ghosts to live in the woods. There were probably hints of other things, but that was the 'big' one I remember in the Anne books. But I also read Emily of New Moon, and she was basically a seer. And her collections of short stories are very "spiritual." So after reading those, I picked up on a few other things in the Anne books, too. I really can't remember very well now. I just gather that LMM "believed in" things that make me uncomfortable, at best.

>>Disclaimer<< I know George MacDonald, revered Scottish novelist and preacher, also believed in the 'second sight' and stuff. So it confuses me somewhat, but ... Maybe it's the confusion I don't like.

Anyway, I don't think spirituality outside of Christianity is a good idea.

Sorry to derail your post. (sheepish grin)

Ganeida said...

Ah, ok. I have the picture! I was just stirring your pot with the war comment. I have to be careful these days; youngest son says he is joining the navy. *sigh* Pacifist mama NOT happy.

Partly I think the fascination with *spiritualism* was the age;it was all the rage, if you remember. Tolkien, Lewis, MacDonald:) ~ they all expressed some form of it. It was discussed in polite circles as if it were a real science. As a child with an extremely overactive imagination I could easily have done an *Anne*, peopling my world with things that don't exist. Come to think of it, I had rather a lot of trouble with the tree at my window turning into a witch most nights & tapping on my window with her hooked nose trying to get in! lol.

And no derailing; discussion is always good. The more byways the better! ;)

Mrs. Darling said...

I was raised a strict Mennonite with no idea of witches and seers and stuff and my sisters and I made up ghosts lurking in very corner. I just figured anne was like we were. But now that its mentioned I sorta see the connection in the Emily books. Yikes!