Monday, March 3, 2008

I needs must be brief this morning too. Ditz's supervisor is coming for her home visit this morning & I'm as disorganized as ever. She is a lovely Christian woman, very sweet, & we enjoy our time with her. It helps that we know she has other families on the islands to visit & is worried about missing boats & connections. We get to feel knowledgeable & competent. (Yeah, right!)

We weren't really expecting her this term as it is such a short term (something like 8 weeks) so really only have some history & math (& not much of that lol) to show for our efforts. The science is still only half done (Ditz is baulking at having to do so much thinking) & though Ditz is ploughing through her reader she hasn't enjoyed it & I don't want to move onto the new written work until she moves onto her new reader. Music is eating up such scads of time that academics is going to be a slow old process this year.


Mrs. Darling said...

You know I really wish we had people keeping track of what we are doing as homeschoolers. I know the rest of the homeschoolers would choke me for saying that but I think homeschooler moms and students would both beneift from someone checking in.

Good luck.

Ganeida said...

Like anything involving humans it depends on their world view & their agenda. We've done it with the state system (made me ill with worry & stress, didn't teach for mastery, yuk readers, didn't suit anyone's learning style)& that's what pushed Dearest to insisting we go under a Christian umbrella (as I'd always wanted). It does help keep me on track & they deal with things like tracking & record keeping for college entrance soooo. We've been blessed with this supervisor & we love her dearly. Plus she's a math wizz (hehe) Like anything else it has people who abuse their power but the Christian system certainly works better for us. There are plenty of people out here who won't even register as a homeschooler but in point of fact I've never been interfered with & I'm open to suggestions & learning myself so it's not a big deal for us. Plus it keeps my family off our back because they feel (however odd it is) it's still *school*. I dunno. People are just odd. :)