Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rejoice & be glad!

Easter is the holiday of holidays for me. Ok, so I adore chocolate ~ so long as it is dark & bitter ~ but there are more important reasons. It is still not as commercialized as Christmas. I'm not as fraught with a long list of to do's. It isn't so stinking hot. And to the point, this is the whole reason that we have Christmas anyway.
This is the season of joy for me. Even Good Friday looks towards Resurrection Sunday. This is the seaon when Christ put his foot on Satan's head. This is the day a bridge was built between God & man. This is the day death was defeated. Rejoice & be glad for Christ is risen. The tomb is empty! He lives! And if this is true then He will return as He has promised. Wrongs will be made right. And because He lives we too shall live. He has gone to prepare a place for us. He will take us home to live with him forever. No Easter, none of these promises. Easter makes Heaven possible. Come, Lord Jesus, Come.


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molytail said...

It's very nearly as commercialized here now as Christmas - or at least it appeared to be, judging by the insane crowds at the malls today, blech.

Easter makes Heaven possible

What a perfect way to sum it up!

Happy Easter to you and Ditz and everyone else! >^..^<

molytail said...

Oops, I meant "insane crowds at the mall yesterday, :-)