Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One haircut.

One hair cut...& just as well Ditz was still feeling unwell as it took 2 hours to go from this....

I think she likes it. It's a bit hard to tell between the, 'Don't you dare blog about this,' snarl & the 'Ma, I don't feel too good,' miseries.

After months of waiting for the new island shopping complex to be up & running the hairdressers is in full swing & were lovely as they tried to make Ditz's first real haircut a special occasion. Pity she felt too unwell to really appreciate it. On the other hand, I'm so not into encouraging vanity so maybe a good thing?


molytail said...

It looks lovely! :-) ...and actually yeah, it very well could be a good thing... we have *way* too much influence around us here (neighbourhood) in the area of hair, makeup, fashion, etc...Cindy is *too* interested in all that for my liking... but it's impossible to keep it away here. *sigh*

I hope you all get to feeling better! <3

molytail said...

I just showed Cindy and she says: "It looks really pretty!"

Ganeida said...

Thanks...& thanks to Miss Cinders too. She is sooo sick that even the haircut she hassled & hassled for isn't making her feel better or prettier & she is quite smart enough to work out the moral for herself. ;)

Persuaded said...

oh, my! she looks so *grown-up*!

poor thing to be feeling so ill on her special day though:(