Saturday, August 30, 2008

By the pricking of my thumbs...

Make up did nothing to improve my kidlet's beauty but she was relaxed & enjoyed her time on stage. Island events are a bit like that. Without the angst of the semi~professional stuff Ditz does she succumbed to a fit of the giggles on stage, artfully disguised as a witch's cackle, ad~libed freely & picked up the slack of those kiddies who forgot their lines.

I have rarely seen such a hysterical performance but anything remotely Shakespearean is hard to do & some of the kids are still in primary school. The producer loves Ditz for being punctual, knowing her stuff, enthusiastic & willing. She does not have the public schooled child's reticence about having a go in front of her peers & rarely suffers from nerves & quite frankly was delighted to strut her stuff for an audience. Oh please....!!! She was still in mode when I dragged her unwilling carcass home to try & ground her.

Macbeth according to Ditz was just want I needed at the end of a long, long week that ended with Liddy & I driving into town very early Saturday morning to pick up Liddy's laptop. We had thoughtfully sorted out our one way streets in before leaving home & had absolutely no trouble. While we waited on them doing the programing they were doing for Lid we went to visit friends. I truly wonder about us. Be grateful, my Kimba, we never got there with you. While I was scrabbling about on the floor for the referdex Liddy took off ~ the wrong way, straight into 3 lanes of oncoming traffic! She got terribly honked at & pretty rattled but as I always tell her, THAT is why she has L plates on the car! Sadly I never noticed until there were cars all around us that she'd got something terribly wrong!

Then, having found our friends with no trouble at all, she pulled into their neighbours' drive & cheerfully parked despite my remonstrances that the neighbours could feasibly object strongly to her blocking their exit. No, she'd never seen the fence & thought she was in the right drive because I'm the one who's blind. OK, Lid, whatever. She then had to reverse out & reverse parallel park under our friends' eyes; naturally she stalled, several times!

Heading home I suggested she find a garage & check her tyre pressure as every time she went round a round~a~bout the tyres squealed. Maintenance is the part of car ownership Liddy doesn't like so sent me, who's blind, remember, to put the air in her tyres. Naturally I couldn't read the instructions, printed very small on the pump, so Liddy had to get out & read them for me anyway. We remind me of those jokes that go...How many _ does it take to...? Sad; very, very sad.

Then a quick stop to pick up some meat because Dearest feels deprived if he is reduced to being vegetarian, & home. So no church. For nothing & no~one am I leaving the island today. Five days straight I've been on the mainland. I might as well live there & I hate the mainland! Next week looks much, much, better. We only have flute & violin to contend with & no trips overseas. I just hope I can resist the urge to fill the gaps with something equally insanely time consuming & just, you know, stay quietly at home. I like home. I should spend more time here.


kimba said...

Your right! I am very glad liddy didn't do that with me in the car. The bickering over the roundabouts were bad enough. Haven't posted yet about outing, as Sis and I are trying not to be the first to throw up, having probably caught the bug going round her workplace not to mention the island.

molytail said...

Oh my - that's quite the colouful face she has there! :-P ...she's beautiful anyway. ;-)

I bet it would have been a blast to watch!

Oh man, the one ways - I remember my cousin and I doing the same thing in the middle of downtown Calgary years ago... suddenly finding ourselves facing an awful lot of oncoming traffic - and *only* oncoming traffic LOL L's to explain us, but we did have down east plates.

I hope you get some relaxing down time now - you deserve it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the hair. The makeup is rather scary -- but so was Lady Macbeth.


The HoJo's said...

looks fantastic. So good that she enjoys a bit of drama!

Duchess said...

I've got Fred to help me find my way...he tells me where to go. If we argue, its his job to be silent and decide on the next best route to take...which he does with surprising accuracy. And he keeps accurate track of my speed, time to travel, distance to go and estimated time of arrival...the perfect man really! And when I'm over him, I just push a little button and TURN. HIM. OFF!LOL!

Ganeida said...

Hojo's ~ that girl is more drama than one person needs in a lifetime! There is never anything *little* about Ditz.

Siano, Ditz was one of the *3 weird sisters* ~ type casting wouldn't you say?! :P

Duchess, Obviously I need a Fred...but that would make me a bigamist, which just won't do. I'll work on Liddy. She's manless for all practical purposes. lol. Diplomatic of you not to comment on your niece's face. Sh. Don't show *the Lord of the Manor.*

Mrs. C said...

I'm sorry, but I didn't really believe for quite some time that that was really YOUR BEAUTIFUL KID in that top pic there. I think it took my finally seeing a pic of Ditz at a similar angle and going, well, maybe with makeup here and a silly face there, it's possible.

I honestly didn't recognize her. The witch's cackle must have been very well disguised as well. :]