Friday, August 8, 2008

A Girl needs her mum.

Liddy has the flu too...She put in a video & promptly crashed. Unfortunately Ditz is now feeling better.

The new job means Liddy has accrued no sick days yet & at 3 am I was doling out Panadol & Lemsip to a child convinced you could only feel this awful if you were actualy dying! We are not generally the delicate fragile violet sort & no, however awful she felt she wasn't dying. It just felt like it.

Liddy, my dear, just for the record: next time you're feeling cross with me remember it was absolultely freezing at 3am but I crawled out of my nice warm bed & got you Panadol & lemsip & crawled in bedside you while you shivered & shook your temperature down so you had some extra body heat & I didn't complain (too much) while I did it. Better yet, remember when I am old & decrepit & can't remember where I've put the grandkids. lol.


molytail said...

Germs are no fun - they're trying to take hold here too, Miss Cinders is sneezing and snuffling and I've got that weird feeling in my throat and eyes that usually means they're trying to set up house. Did you send them this way? :-P

I hope everyone gets feeling better there! (Hopefully Liddy's job understands that people can't help it if they get sick, accrued days or not!)

Ha, I googled the Panadol and Lemsip as they weren't familiar names and look what wikipedia turned up about the Lemsip...

In 2002, Poet Laureate Andrew Motion related that he took Lemsip regularly to help him write poetry

Persuaded said...

ok after reading the previous comment i wanna know what lemsip is and where i can find some!!

oh and i was all feeling so sympathetic and all until i read you last line about losing the grandkids and then i just laughed... i do appreciate your sense of humor:)

Persuaded said...

now that i re-read my own comment it sounds like i was saying i am *not* sympathetic, which is *not* true... i sympathize with you all greatly in your hour of illness. my laughter just made me forget it for a moment.


anyway, i hope (and pray) that you all get better soon((hugs))

Ganeida said...

Diane, you are doubly valued for appreciating my humour. Not every one finds me as funny as I find me. :(
Lemsip is a mix of lemon & asprin & a *wonder drug* in my book.:D

Moly, only you would find an even more bizarre quote than I do! (((HUGS))) I so appreciate that about you!

Sherri said...

I hope your baby is feeling better!!