Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Spri~ing!

Peace...Blessed peace.

I slept all day Sunday, mostly because I was migrainy. My life caught up with me with gusto!

Here, in the land Down Under, spring officially began today. I know it is spring. There are flying ants in black swarms. I have sprayed. There are sandflies biting under the clothesline. There are mice. Ugh! Not that I actually dislike mice; I just dislike sharing my kitchen with them. Iss left several remains but I have set traps. Crunch! Crunch!

Ditz dislikes my cavalier attitude to the resulting carcasses. She dislikes the noise of animal warfare inside her walls as the snakes come out of hibernation & get to work. She dislikes the way Iss *plays* with his catches. My daughter is squeamish. Unfortunately there is a price to be paid for living at *the back of Beyond*. Nature is revealed in all her gory beauty.
This is also the season for chicks. The ducklings are cute; the plovers are not. Well, the chicks are cute but the parents are aggressive & they come with a sharp set of spurs & ...well, they just aren't fun to play with.
Unlike the north there is no burgeoning of bud & blossom in this sub tropical climate, only an almost imperceptable heating of the days, a lengthening of the sunlight, a tilting of the breeze to herald the first heat of summer. The water has lost the hard cold edged glitter of winter & shimmers instead with summer diamonds. I enjoy spring but I dread the summer swealtering & the way the lands shrinks from the sun's blast & withers to parched grass & eddies of red dust. I long for rain. Only the water deprived truely appreciate leaden skies & refreshing torrents.
I must be getting old. Spring isn't what it once was ~ though truth be told I grew up further south where the seasons are a little more clearly defined & even summer is not as prone to the leaky humidity of a Queensland summer.
Practicaly, Ditz is on countdown. Whatever the official school term may be I know that once the heat hits neither Ditz nor I will be doing much schoolwork so we need to get a move on now or November is going to be unbearable & there will be *tears before bed *as the saying goes.

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molytail said...

Only the water deprived truely appreciate leaden skies & refreshing torrents.

You can have mine - right now, come and get it LOL's POURING outside, raining sideways because of the winds...4am this morning, I woke up thinking 'what is that racket??' was the rain & wind pounding away outside the open window.

Autumn is on its way here - though it's been said that September is supposed to be hotter than usual this year...who knows though, stuff gets 'said' all the time... I did hear, also, a colder and snowier winter - which is fine by me. Bring on the snowstorms! *grin*

I can deal with all manner of bugs - but I *hate* flying ants!! They're one of the only bugs - june bugs are the other - that will send me running indoors LOL ...we get a day or two here every summer ------- hey wait. Wait a second... we didn't this year... it's September first... and we didn't have flying ant day.. okay, that's strange. I was about to say that we have a day or two every year that we call "flying ant day" because millions of 'em come out all at once and they're *everywhere* ....and every year that I can remember, we did...except this year. Hello, where did you go, flying ants? How odd. Never thought about it until now... hmmm, maybe they'll turn up in September, late but just as annoying.... we *did* have a rather blah and rainy august, perhaps that threw them off...

Hey did I tell you that we got the 'Considering God's Creation' stuff the other day? Looks awesome! The cd of songs is a bit young for Cindy (I knew it would be), but guess what? Christopher loves it! It's playing in his bedroom as I type, in fact. :-)