Friday, October 31, 2008

Sleepy Heads Galore.

I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. - Robert Frost
Poor Ditz! She was packing her bag in her sleep this morning. She has dark circles under her eyes & was rather lacking in enthusiasm at the early start. Two performances today, one tomorrow & we are done temporarily. Luckily she has better stamina than Liddy & we are not getting a case of the*snarlies* from the Ditzy one. [Pity I can't say the same for her sister who is coming with me to pick Ditz up & up her driving hours at the same time ~ & not in the best frame of mind as a consequence!] Ditz is very tired though & the hardest part of the whole thing is actually making sure she eats well because that is the energy she sings on. Wednesday they were at the mall between performances dining on Krispy Kreams. Not my idea of an adequate diet! Unfortunately we are still travelling when everyone else has reached home, or travelling before they have to leave, so meals get a bit helter~skelter.
I did feel for her this morning as I put her on her early boat. Having been delighted to have the freedom of travelling alone on Wednesday she is over it & being tired would much rather I had gone with her. I would have if there had been extra room on the bus but alack & alas that is not the case so she is on her own.
Having ditched Ditz yesterday evening Liddy & I filled in the time by rushing into Capalaba & viewing BBQs & birdbaths. The BBQs were for Dearest & very boring. The birdbaths were for me & far more interesting. I studiously avoided the plants but I am looking now for when the deck is actually finished. I want the birdbath to sit under the tree that is growing up through our deck as we have so many birds, all of whom use the makeshift birdbath in the front garden. Unfortunately I had something in mind before I started looking & haven't been able to find anything remotely like what I want. Don't you just hate that?! I have, however, found a blue ceramic one that will do in a pinch. The only drawback is that ceramic is quite slippery so I will be up for some pebbles to put on the bottom of the dish as well. I learnt from a friend who was breeding ducks that even water birds can very quickly drown so the water must be kept shallow & accessible in such a way the birds can easily get in & out.
Then we went to see Duchess because it was the only movie we thought might be half decent. Decent is not the word I'd use to describe it. More...interesting! Still, as I said to Liddy before we even went in, 'If all else fails at least the costuming & scenery will be worthwhile.' Good thing we did not have Ditz with us & Liddy didn't enjoy it either. Not really my sort of movie either though it does highlight rather nicely why intelligent women need acceptable outlets for their intelligence &, from my point of view at least, how poor male leadership has landed us in the mess we call modern society. One does not lead by brute force & having a separate set of standards for men & women. The biggest danger I see in some quarters of the homeschooling movement is an insistence on confining women to hearth & home. Now in a general way I would agree but if history teaches us anything it teaches that there are always exceptions & we ignore the exceptions at our peril.
The humidity is building so I am off to water my garden before the heat wilts it completely.


kimba said...

You have used a quote from one of my favourite poems. I'm glad you a good birthday. Welcome to the over fifties.

molytail said...

hehehe - Cindy looked just like that this morning (still does) ..after spending the night at the youth group "lock in" (big sleepover thing - or rather, stay-awake-over LOL) ...

Actually, I look a lot like that these days too, cuz I'm up and running before the sun, trying to get us all ready - 3 weeks to go and we'll be off!

And yep, I know exactly what you mean about having something in mind and not being able to find exactly what you want...aggravating!