Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ok, here we go. These are some of my gardening highlights & I truely hope that if you click on the image it will enlarge for you. This is my Christmas Bush. It is planted on our slope & reaches as high as our deck. It is in flower now but by Christmas the creamy blossoms will be all done & only the husks will remain in a firey halo . The tree is actually more stunning after the flower has fallen.
This is one of my leptospurnums. Leptospurnum is a member of the myrtle family. With it's small reddish foliage & deep pink flowers it is absolutely stunning.
This is a malaluka. The golden foliage makes it lovely at any time of the year. It will grow lovely & busy. I have a grevillia hybrid in front with a mixed red/gold flower which should look lovely.
Meanwhile Iss thinks we built the deck just for him, the whole 15 X 4 yards of it! You can't tell me that cat's stupid. As soon as we'd finished screwing down he moved to the furthermost point on the longest plank hanging over the slope & went to sleep there! He's spending all his time moving from sun to shade along it, cooking & cooling alternatively.

The deck's actually in 2 parts. We have an upper deck that sits just under the tree canopy, & a lower deck that is just above ground level. Very hard to see from the pics but it creates two very different areas. And yes, we have a tree growing up through the deck. We're going to leave it there & just trim the lower branches. It should screen & shelter the upper deck very nicely given a bit more time. Still have handrails & steps to go but we've broken the back of it now.


The HoJo's said...

The cat is always in charge, they just let us think we own them :o) garden looks lovely, glad the deck building has moved along

molytail said...

I want to come & camp out on your deck with that lovely feline. We'd have a grand old time sleeping under the trees. :-D

molytail said...

Oh and oops, meant to say that your plants are very pretty! :-)