Friday, October 10, 2008

Riding the birthday train

What do you buy the girl who has everything? In our case: speakers. If the child has her own perhaps there is some chance mine will stay attached to my computer? Bed linen; plain & teal because Liddy has a king single & getting bed linen to fit is not always easy & she has had the same colour scheme for 2 years now. Time for a change. A pretty watch as that girl goes through watches at a frantic pace. Perhaps this one will last longer? And hair bands because according to the Ditzy one the reason she has no hair bands is because her sister has nicked them all (conveniently forgetting that she borrows far more than the odd hair band or two!)

Ditz wrapped the big presents in glitzy paper & at some point today I need to find my carrot cake recipe so there is some chance of making the cake tomorrow. I make such a good carrot cake the girls will never order it when we're out even though they adore it as it is just never as good as mum's! I like eating it but making it is something I prefer not to do. It is expensive & not at all healthy. Lid, poor girl, has to work on her special day & it is a late finish so she won't even get to eat her special dinner till late ~ when she will be too tired to enjoy it properly.

While I was paddling round the shops looking I bought myself the prettiest mug ~ with a lid! I love these because I am always being called away from a freshly made cuppa to run kids somewhere & of course it is stone cold by the time I get back to it. A lid may just make the difference. The only ones I had seen have a little teapot sitting on one of those *doormouse* cups. You could practically swim in the thing & while I think they're terribly pretty there didn't seem to be much point when I don't drink tea. In Celtic mythology butterflies symbolise the soul ~ which is rather sadly ironic, dontcha think. My soul belongs to caffeine! No, not really but I do like a hit of caffeine first thing in the morning.

Liddy & I, having planted the garden & watered it in well, then watched the sky lower & the clouds darken till the deluge was upon us. Things always grow so much better when God does the watering & I am already picking beans off the plants I put in last month. The poor little plants are barely a hand span tall but producing beans larger than they are already. Dino, who came for cricket training Thursday & stayed the night, was delighted & was talking about putting a pen in so we could run chooks again. I am not holding my breath on that one.


Mrs. C said...

Happy Birthday to Liddy!! Bet the sheet set perks up the whole room.

The HoJo's said...

Many happy returns Liddy :o)

We were thinking about keeping chickens but I know in the UK they attract rats, do you get extra vermin?

Ganeida said...

Thanks Ladies.
Hojo's: don't know about rats but we see a few more snakes. They come for the eggs. The boys did the whole *HeMan* thing one day to remove a carpet snake that had overindulged & couldn't get out the way it had come in ~ through the wire.

MamaOlive said...

Happy birthday, Liddy!
I had some carrot and zucchini cake at a birthday party today, and it was delicious.