Friday, October 3, 2008

The hardest part of skating is the ice Anon.
Remember: when they make the ice, they make it slippery side up." - Dewy Browning

It has been years since I've been on the ice & one of the things I really hate about getting older is how much harder I fall. Still, since ice skating was how Liddy wanted to spend her Friday, I showed willing.

Now those of you in colder climes can't appreciate what a chore this is out here. Firstly rinks are few & far between. Several hours with the phone book produced one rink in the whole of Brisbane ~ which meant an hour in the car, longer because Liddy took the *scenic detour*. Being school holidays the rink was packed. And we don't own our own skates so we have to hire them which means, if you are reasonably lucky the skates you hire will still have a bit of an edge on them otherwise....I hate blunt skates. They make life so much harder.

Now the last time I skated boots were still made from leather so I was horrified to find they are now made of stiff hard plastic. I should have been warned of then & there. I have peculiarly shaped feet with knobby bones sticking out. I have so much trouble with regular shoes I actually don't even own a pair at present. Sad, sad, sad. However Lid had forked over her hard earned cash & I knew she knew I knew [sort of] how to skate & wanted me on the ice with her. So I gave the guy behind the counter my shoe size as I last remembered it to find no way, no how could I wear those skates on the ice. I felt like I was crippled so back I went for a larger pair.

The next size at least allowed my toes to spread but I could feel my instep bone rubbing before I was even on the ice. It bothered me so much I wibbled & wobbled around the edge afraid to let go of the rail because I am far too old to wallow about down on the ice. If I went down I knew there was no way I was getting back up. Liddy was confidently sailing round & round. Ditz, poker upright, was managing. I was the only silly sausage unable to find my balance & some semblance of confidence.

I don't often hate the age I am ~ a season for everything~ but I did on Friday. Once it would only have taken me 10 minutes to find my balance & do what Liddy was doing with such ease & I could have taken a fall with a laugh & been back on my feet in no time; but I am no longer 19, or even Ditz's hardy 13 & by the time I was getting my balance & skating with some semblance of dignity Liddy had decided her skates were the wrong size. Instead of going to the counter to exchange them she asked to change with me. Why not? We hobbled into the stands to exchange boots to find I had a huge broken blister. No wonder my foot hurt! I tried Liddy's boots but they were far too big; she is several sizes larger than I am so after due consideration I took the horrible things off & got out my book. There is a reason I always carry reading material with me.

Shortly thereafter Liddy rejoined me declaring she was 'over it.' Ditz however was still happily going round & round looking like nothing earthly. She is not one of my sporty ones. Liddy, sailing round with her hands tucked behind her back, looked perfectly at home on the ice. Ditz looked like she had something rammed up her behind, she was so stiff. She runs like that too, bolt upright, with the perfect posture that is so desired in music class. It looks most peculiar. However it eventually dawned on her that she was on the ice on her own & that her nearest & dearest were laughing at her from the stands. We told her she could stay as long as she liked but after several more rounds she'd had enough too so we gave the rink back their horrible boots & headed back towards home by the short route.

Liddy had some shopping to do before we headed into the movies to see Journey to the Centre of the Earth. This was a *Ditz pick*. Liddy & I chose the last twice & they were fizzers. This movie required 3D specs & is probably responsible for the migraine I came home with....apart from the fact I have major problems with heights, even heights of the Hollywood variety. While nearly landing in Liddy's lap with a prehistoric piranha coming straight at me I then proceed to laugh in all the wrong places. Ditz enjoyed it & it was about time she got to see a movie more at her level instead of the high brow stuff Lid's been subjecting us too. I got a DVD more along my lines before we came home: K-19 with both Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson! Now I just have to find some time to actually watch it.


The HoJo's said...

My little legs always worked to hard ice skating, everyone else seemed to glide with slow steady strokes and I was pumping away. Yep I tried it once, couldn't do it and didn't bother with the long journey and expense again. Nope I wouldn't try it again now.
We hope to see Journey to the centre of the Earth at the cinema this weekend, youngest isn't keen on 3d effect films, he spent most of Polar Express under my arm!

MamaOlive said...

You make anything sound fun. :-) I'm sure you would get a kick out of my version of skating. I have no balance or coordination to speak of, so I stand stiff on my left leg and push myself along with my right. I remember liking ice skating better than roller skating, but wasn't good at either. In south Texas (where I grew up) ice rinks are similarly easy to come by.

I'd thought of something clever about the movies, but don't remember it now. Oh, well.

The HoJo's said...

Oh and Love the banner :o)

molytail said...

I can't stand anything requiring 3D glasses - gives me a headache!

skating, I like - though I'm not very good at it LOL ....and with my own set of oddly shaped feet, I find it hard to get good fitting time you go, try asking for a pair of guys ones...they tend to be wider and fit funny feet...but they don't have picks, so if you're used to those, be careful LOL ...

Destination...Gloryland! said...

I love that quote by Dewy Browning. I may live in colder climate, but I have had very minimal experience with ice skating. Even when the lake freeze over and there are so many ice houses out there for ice fishing that it looks like a miniature city, I think they are a bit crazy. The ice often cracks with sharp, echoy blasts. They say that the ice is actually getting stronger when it does this. Ya right.

Now sliding is a fun thing to do. It's just lumbering back up the hill that isn't.

We are considering taking up cross-country skiing this year. Excellent exercise.

Constance said...

I used to skate with my Mom a lot when I was a kid. Growing up in Germany, she skated and cross-country skiied, so she enjoyed it. I took Laura and my Girl Scout troop when they were young but it's been years since I have gone. Fortunately I have my own ice skates and am not dependent on those awful rental things!

I remember K-19! I haven't seen that one in years! I'm sure you've seen "The HUnt For Red October" but another good submarine movie is "U-571"

Happy Wednesday!