Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Telopea ~ seen from afar

None can have a healthy love for flowers unless he loves the wild ones.- Forbes Watson

Telopea speciosissima ~ The Waratah, one of the oddest flowers to ever bloom. This is the floral emblem of N.S.W ~ my home state ~ & the waratah blooms there in its National Parks. It is related to the South African Protea, likes nutrient deficient, sandy soil , regenerates from the root stock after a bushfire, blooming again within 2 years & it won't grow up here.

I haven't even tried to grow it. I hate killing plants & I've done a fair bit of it in my time. I insist on trying to grow things where I know they won't be happy. They reward me as I deserve by curling up their toes & dying a lingering death. Worse I want a white waratah, which are unusual & rarer & therefore, I supposse expensive & thus beyond my purse. Probably a good thing.

I have managed to grow a N.S.W Christmas Bush up here in solid clay & what's more, it blooms each year in time for Christmas. Hm. How to explain we all grow this beauty for the bright red husks that remain after the flowers have fallen! It's not just our animals that are more than a little peculiar. The flora is weird too. It has a beauty all its own.


The HoJo's said...

I have an exceptional ability to not grow plants, I am as ungreen fingered as you can get! I leave it all to Mr Hojo who is growing fruit trees. At least I can eat the produce, as I am unable keep even a bean plant alive as Kristian will testify! It looked great till this week, now it has expired.

molytail said...

What an interesting flower - and motorcycle it turns out...

Look, I found the story of the The First Waratah" - or at least, it claims to be that...

Constance said...

Good Morning friend,

I am catching up since I finally finished blogging about our trip. I have to do it while it's still fresh on my brain otherwise, it's gone forever!

I enjoyed reading through your posts that I have missed. I guess I didn't realize your oldest son was estranged from your family and the circumstances involved, it brought tears to my eyes. We dealt with a Prodigal but it was a much shorter season. I know the heartache and anxiety that goes with the balancing act of trusting God and the worry of a Mother's heart.

I read your post about Mark and reflected on my brother whom as you know died the same time. While he & I weren't close, being step-siblings, it's hard seeing how Pop has aged so much in just shy of 2 years!

I enjoyed reading about your Poppy. It made me think on my grandmother and great-grandmother and how important it is that I continue with my family's genealogy project!

Your girls are growing up! I have 3 daughters and our youngest, Laura who is about to be married, is as opposite from my personality as a person could be! She's definitely a girly-girl like her 2 older sisters but SO independent! The only shocking about her birth is that she should have been singing "My Way" by Frank Sinatra and she wasn't!

Have a blessed day!

Ganeida said...

Hojos: I do all right if I keep my mind on the job at hand but a little distraction is disasterous!

Moly: OK, I won't tell you where my dad's old Indian bike ended up...or maybe I will. Good idea for a post. Don't read. It will make you weep.

Connie ~ missed you, gal! I did pop over & say hi & I've been enjoying your pics. I never think of Mark that I don't remember your brother & your dad. (((hugs)))

Reina said...

Gorgeous!! This flower is so cute.