Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Argh! or words to that effect.

I love my computer ~ when it works. I am saying harsh things about it at present. It is behaving like the worst kind of psychotic. My DSL became dial~up & kept losing me my connection. The printer is chewing paper for lunch. The computer shuts down & restarts for no appreciable reason losing me all my work. The page I'm working on gets replaced with something I've never set eyes on before.
I blame Liddy. She unhooked all my wires so she could hook her laptop to the internet. Not being the most patient of children she was in a rush & not watching what she was doing. I think my poor old computer needs a professional going over. This I cannot do. All I know about computers I've learnt via trial & error ~ mostly error, which reminds me....
"I have not failed. I have successfully discovered 1200 ideas that don't work." Thomas Edison. Isn't that a great quote?


molytail said...

Oh I know how that is - I'm the same way with the whole 'learned via trial and error' ...not long ago, I had to take mine in for a little computer-guy TLC .....

Where do you keep your printer? Our old one was on the floor and oh my, the CAT HAIR that got in it...crazy. I think that was what finally killed it. New one sits up on the end table thing and gets a bit less....

Hmm, I googled and found this - which piqued my interest as you said that Liddy had unplugged and replugged things...

Does your computer restart without any prior warning? You do not need to worry about this. We have the solution for you. This problem could happen at many levels. So lets start step by step.

Are you able to boot into the OS? If yes then at least your “Restart Switch ” isn’t getting short. But could be a super sensitive switch or a bad power switch too which creates the problem.

Now check if your computer is set to standby/sleep after certain time. Maybe it has problems going to sleep and can’t wake up, or restarts upon awaking. Disable this in your OS as well as in the BIOS (if there is an option).

If above two are working then its time to check the power supply. Here goes a small intro of how the power supply works.

If the voltage from the wall outlet or from within the power supply [faulty power supply] falls outside the tolerances required by the computer, the computer will reboot.

This happens because the power supply constantly sends the motherboard a power-good signal, for example, if the power supply cannot maintain outputs that are within tolerance, the power-good signal is withdrawn and forces the system to reset.

The system will not restart until the power-good signal returns. The power-good signal may be absent for a second or less, but that will still force the computer to reset.

This point has to do with proper power being supplied.

Check your wall socket for proper voltage. If you have the computer hooked up to the same line that goes to heavy power draw devices, such as an airconditioner, microwave oven and so on, does your system reboot when one of these devices is running? If so, you may need to change the outlet that you use or may need to run a new line to your computer, dedicated to the computer.

I honestly don't know if that's good stuff or not, but the mention of the power cords caught my eye...

kathy@mtnyoungs.com said...

Oh, I'm so sorry this happening to you. It sounds so frustrating! You need to become friends with a neighbor who knows lots about this and sweet talk your way over. :)
BTW, your blog was not opening for me when you replied to my blog because there is an a in front of the d - you need to check your profile settings and make sure that is corrected or others won't find you if they click on your name when you leave them a message. :)

this is what it was saying: http://GaneiadasNest.blogspot.com
see the a

MamaOlive said...

So sorry!
Bob is having internet troubles over in Iceland and is bummed to not be able to chat as much as we'd hoped.

Mrs. Darling said...

Yep computers can be annoying They are given to us to teach us patience. Let us learn the lesson quickly so we can get on with the use thereof!