Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Words of affirmation

It was his nature to blossom into song, as it is a tree's to leaf itself in April. ~Alexander Smith
I was reminded last night of how much words of affirmation matter to our children, especially from those people whom they look up to or whose opinion matters to them ~ no, not good old mum & dad. Ditz assures me I have to love her because I'm her mum. Other people don't & she is aware other people often find her... wearing.
So in the midst of tea preparations with the cat trying to crawl up my legs because it can smell the chicken, both girls trying to check their e~mails at the same time from the same computer & Dearest enquiring anxiously if there was any hope of a meal sometime this evening the phone rang for the 2nd time. Believe me I cursed it.
Our production manager for Vocal Manouevres wanting to know if Ditz was available today for another Abba Mania performance. I hadn't e~mailed a response as we aren't available. Ditz has a flute lesson today. Ditz not happy. She would much rather perform than study for her exam. Considering how much money I am forking out & how much I do not want this child tired just now it was never going to happen so I had said nothing to Ditz. So much for trying to spare her feelings.
Anyway, seeing as I had our PM on the phone [believe me this is such a rare occurance it's like striking gold!] I checked she had our e~mail about the QPAC performances. Performances are fine; dress rehearsals are not. Rehearsals finish at 9.30pm. The last boat goes at 10pm. Logistically this does not work with an hours travelling time to be accounted for as well. Rehearsals are compulsory so I had a dilema but exam & boats are my top priority just now.
Will get back to me as they want Ditz there.
I do have a point & I am getting there. Bear with me. Ditz, naturally enough became all ears as soon as she heard our PM's name mentioned & became glued to my side wanting to know what was going on. Then our PM proceeds to inform me how happy they are with Ditz & how well her voice is coming on & it is so nice she's got over looking like squeezed toothpaste on stage. Ditz can only hear me going how happy we are the child's got a legitimate outlet for her theatrics that doesn't drive the rest of us crazy & how much she is enjoying herself & how pleased we are they have accomodated us despite the pecularities of living on an island. Ditz was nearly beside herself by the time I hung up. After all, the PM's opinion matters. I believe in passing on acolades. Ditz positively glowed, not the bright glitzy over the top drive everyone nutty noisey glow she is so very good at but the quiet, 'Ah, I'm doing good then' glow. Thank you PM [you know who you are!] Ditz is doing good.


molytail said...

It's funny - when they're little, Mum's opinions are the whole world...then they get older and suddenly realize that we may be a little - just a little, mind you - biased and they start seeking the thoughts of others... *grin*

Hey, can they back the time up just a little? Would you make the boat if the rehearsal ended at 9? Or even 8:45? Maybe they can slide it back a little for ya...

Constance said...

Even today at 18, if I say something positive to our son Charles, I hear,

"But you're my Mom, of course you'd say that!"

I think it's a maturity thing. His older sisters bask in the glow of a compliment from Mom & Dad. Myself included-I received wonderful comments from my parents over this past weekend of Laura's Wedding. I loved how it made me feel. My reply was,

"Look at whom raised me!"

Now I have a glimpse of what it will be like to lay our crowns (rewards from a life of service) at the feet of Jesus, giving it all back to Him.